(In the guise of a business presentation -with visual aids- about a coup in a Graduate Seminar at Mills College.)


The actions comprising the coup can be separated into 4 distinct stages:


FACT: The NorthPolians were clad in military, terrorist, and flasher garb, and brandished squirt guns.
SYMBOLOGY: Militaristic Garb = Authority. Terrorist Garb = Threat to Security.
Flasher Garb = Shock Value.
Squirt Guns = Phallic Control.
These 4 factors aided in the usurpation of the presiding intellectual stagnation by introducing mayhem and absurdity to the classroom situation.

FACT: The NorthPolians surrounded the building and attacked through all available entrances.

FACT: In our daily lives we are all continuously assailed by situations in which we are expected to passively absorb knowledge.
SYMBOLOGY: By creating a situation in which this passiveness is laid bare, we endevour to promote a greater awareness of this universal castration of creativity.

FACT: (Play by Play) Tanya entered from the Northeast corner... (Draw diagrams with lots of X's and arrows. Use colored chalk.)
SYMBOLOGY: If X then Why?

FACT: A statement as to the intentions of the perpetrators was read. Please refer to your handout on page 1 of the Introduction.
SYMBOLOGY: This statement, with which we read to the class with, is a reference to every manifesto ever pompously conceived of. Every manifesto ever pompously conceived of is a self-reference. Every self-reference is indicative of an inflated ego. Every inflated ego deserves to be popped (including our own). Every piece of popcorn symbolizes a compressed manifesto. Every compressed manifesto is self-referencing this statement. This statement contains all of the above. Repeat indefinately

FACT: Class members were blindfolded.
Blindness = Closemindedness
Blindness = Overlooked Opportunities
Blindness = The Slumbering Mind
Blindness = The Dormant Creative Force
Blindness = A Catalyst for Transport to the North Pole
Blindness = A Relief From Sensory Overload
Blindness = A Return to the Womb
Blindness = The Inability to See
Blindness = many other things (subject to individual interpretation)


FACT: Blindfolded class members were navigated via rope to the North Pole.
SYMBOLOGY: First, the use of rope is a reminder of past abuses of power. As the journey progresses, it is redefined as a link, bringing the future community together as they complete the transformative process.

FACT: Various and sundry propagandas were propagated throughout the migration.
SYMBOLOGY: The intention of said propagation was to stimulate alternative thought processes, while simultaneously lambasting our own pretensions.

FACT: The final destination was the North Pole - physically recognizable as the Mills College Cemetary.
SYMBOLOGY: Graveyards are more spiritually oriented than classrooms. Furthermore, we hated to see a beautiful day being wasted inside.


FACT: Upon arrival, blindfolds were removed.
SYMBOLOGY: The ramifications are obvious.

FACT: The North Pole had lots of stuffed animals in trees, pinecones with handles and a nifty flag.
SYMBOLOGY: Please refer to page 3 of your hand out. ________, would you please read aloud the Official Preamble to the Official Manifesto of the North Pole?

FACT: The Official Preamble to the Official Manifesto of the North Pole and the Official North Pole Manifesto were recited.
SYMBOLOGY: This should be self-evident, however we shall clarify- The North Pole is a country that was founded under the auspices of creative freedom, expression of the absurd and snacking. Some concepts related to the North Pole include: receptions, spectacles, Winnie the Pooh, improvisation, revolutions, guerilla theater, site-specific performance, coups, satire and parodies, pomp and circumstance, national holidays, Dada, laundry, kidnapping, the aurora borealis, chaos theory, rites of passage, barbecues and picnics, Ren and Stimpy, winning the lottery, cabaret, nonsense poetry, defiance, adreneline junkies, conceptual dishwashing, and ice cream heists.

FACT: An Invitation to become a citizen was issued to all present.
SYMBOLOGY: The act of invitation, as opposed to insistation is mandatory, as the only good choice is a free choice. Furthermore it reinforces the concept, central to North Polian philosophy, that (See Manifesto, Stanza 12).

FACT: Hats(crowns) and Kazoos were distributed to all new citizens.
SYMBOLOGY: The Hats, aside from being useful in keeping your head warm, reference the power of the fully awakened creative mind. The Kazoos are tools for future revolutions, empowering the new citizens to take matters into their own hands by expressing themselves in a disruptive manner when they feel their time is being squandered. Furthermore, they're kinda cool.


FACT: Snacking ensued.
SYMBOLOGY: The eating of food represents the active consumption of knowledge. The act of eating is a sensual experience that involves the soul as well as the body, uniting the two in a symbiotic relationship to each other. This, in turn, parallels the natural process of conceiving and realizing a work of art. Such a work of art may be construed as a revolutionary force. This force has the power to overthrow the mundane in a vicious coup which may or may not have been instigated by a purple crayon in the hands of Harold. This purple crayon is a metaphor relating tall pointy buildings to squirt guns and penises. An example of this can be found in the common popsicle, such as might be consumed by an off-duty FBI agent. Again, we see here the overwhelming proliferation of hierarchical power structures, as the FBI agent is in POSSESSION of the popsicle. Such rampant power plays often reference football strategy, especially that of the Dallas Cowboys whose tactics, by their very nature, denote power OVER, as opposed to power THROUGH or power WITHIN. These pue holistic powers are the central forces neccessary to any revolutionary work of art, propelling it into fruition. However, sufficient napping is also required for successful pollination, the culmination of which is a mature ripened watermelon, that may then be consumed in the active pursuit of the aforementioned knowledge.

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